3 Best Licenses to Look for When Choosing Your First Online Casino

blog post - 3 Best Licenses to Look for When Choosing Your First Online Casino

Gambling licenses are essential for an online casino to keep customers and attract newer ones. It also makes them invulnerable to any laws that prohibit gambling, and for online casino sites to avoid future conflict, they tend to launch their websites after they have acquired one or two licenses.

We highly suggest that you look for a casino site that at least has one license in their name to avoid scams and money losses. Scammers and hackers are present in the online world, so you must make sure that every interaction you do is legitimate and legal.

In this article, we will enumerate some licenses that you should be looking for when choosing an online casino.

Curacao Gaming License: Premier Online Licensing for New Businesses

Curacao is a small island that tolerates online gambling websites. It, therefore, leads to a surge of license applications from different online casino sites around the globe.

What's excellent about this one is that gambling sites won't pay any taxes on their online sales, in a proper way. The verification process is also fast, considering how many steps there are before a website acquires a license. Most applications would only take a month or two to finish the verification, which therefore entitles them to start operating right away.

Acquiring a Curacao license, however, means that a casino business must place their servers on the island, which is not a bad thing if you think about it. The zero tax makes it a good deal.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission: Canada's Best Licensing Institution

The license that casinos can get in Kahnawake costs money, but this makes any business stands out because of how reliable the gaming commission is. The institution has established a name in 1996, which makes their experience to exceed the two-decade mark. They have been helping a lot of casino start-ups while at the same time being an excellent contributor to the economy of Canada.

Malta Gaming Authority: Long-Term License for Casino Businesses

The Malta Gaming Authority license is perhaps one of the most common you can see in the casino world. You should choose a website that is certified by Malta because they are very strict when it comes to verification and legal compliance.

Those with bad records, including those that are applying for renewal, would have a hard time starting again. Casino websites also need to pay annual taxes that are reasonable.

Acquiring a Malta Gaming Authority license also means that a gambling site is very serious about their business and are willing to become verified and secured for the sake of their clients and customers.

More licenses are around, that's why we recommend that you conduct research when you encounter something new, other than the ones we have discussed.

These three aren't famous for nothing, and with more online gambling sites emerging every day, expect these licensing institutions to improve further.