Devil’s number

One of the most popular slots has two bonus features that can dramatically increase the prize pot. The first is a feature known as Avalanche Reels, which removes low-paying playing card symbols to create more winning lines. The second feature is the Devils Number feature, which can be triggered in either the base game or the Free Spins round. Both of these bonuses are triggered when you land three or more of the 9 symbols.

The Devils Number video slot has a dark and gloomy color scheme, creepy library settings, and a satanic soundtrack. The bonus features in this game include the Skeleton Head Bottles and Poison bottles, deadly potions, spell books, and scrolls. All of these features are triggered by winning combinations. While this game is not for those with weak stomachs, it is still worth trying.

The Devils Number video slot features playing cards A, K, Q, and 10. A symbol will award you 36x your stake. An A symbol will grant you a 60x stake. The slot also features potions, scrolls, and cauldrons, which play into the theme of the game. A five-scroll combination will award you 120x your stake. If you manage to hit all five of these combinations, you can get up to 360x your stake.